Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sunflowers & A Bleeding Head. Day 32

July 23rd

Today we went to the Van Gogh museum!! I was so so excited to see my favorite painting/painting of his....

The way that the museum was set up was really cool because each painting had a description of why Van Gogh painted each some of them were painted for his nephew, some were painted simply to brighten a room...It would also talk about his life in chronological order so you kinda got an overview of his life while looking at his paintings change and evolve.

So it was kinda ridiculous, but as we were leaning in and looking at the detail in the painting, we got yelled at that we were standing too close to the painting. I just thought they were lucky that I hadn't been tempted to touch one. The texture made that urge so hard to resist!!

Also, I feel slightly guilty for this...except for the fact that I wasn't the one to do it...but Allison was able to snap a photo of my favorite painting(!!!!!!) without anyone noticing.. here it is! In the flesh! Van Gogh's Sunflowers!


After the museum, we went to a cafe and got some lunch.  This lunch was extremely unsatisfying for me. I ordered tomato basil soup, and got this strange tomato-y thing that had meat and noodles in it. I took it back to the bar and claimed that it wasn't tomato basil soup, but they informed me I was wrong. Apparently that's just how they did that kind of soup there. Then I was unmotivated to eat because nothing else looked good and I had had my heart set on tomato-basil

Next we went back to the hostel because the friends were sleepy and wanted to take a nap before we got ready to go on the Amsterdam pup crawl!

The pub crawl ended up being quite a lot of fun!

 Plus! Our hostel-mates joined us there, so it was fun getting to hang out with them :)

It was similar to the Spain pub-crawl..filled with lots of free drinks/shots...but some of the shots at the bars we went to were super interesting! There was one called Chemistry, and it would light on fire before you drank it! I remember hearing about a Harry Potter one too...
So remember when I explained that I did not eat too much before the pub-crawl? This ended up not being the very best idea because I ended up getting way-drunk way-fast..

Now, the following information I gathered from my friends the following morning:

It had become apparent that I had had enough to drink so Marcus took me back to the hostel.  Apparently, I was not happy with this decision and once we got back to the hostel I continuously tried to escape. Instead of using the door handle, I attempted throwing all my body weight into the door. That was not successful. I kept telling Marcus and the hostel-mates that were there things like "I've got places to go and people to see!" After some time, I gave up and decided to "superman-jump" into my bed. My aim was a bit off, and I ended up hitting my head on the corner of the cabinet next to my bed. At first, we all just laughed at my clumsiness, but then we realized that my head was bleeding. A lot. The sheets on my bed were white, so it pretty much looked like a bloody crime-scene had occurred. Since the bleeding wasn't really stopping, one of my hostel-mates called the paramedics and they came to check out my head. This entire time I was sobbing. It was really scary to see that much blood coming out of my head. But, apparently I was okay and the paramedics just told me to go to sleep, so I did.

Overall, the night was really fun..minus the head injury.  Just another lesson sure to eat a good-sized meal if you're ever planning on drinking. Otherwise, it could lead to bloody and dangerous events.

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