Monday, August 22, 2011

"Amster, Amster-shhh...We Mustn't Say That Naughty Word." Day 30.

July 21st 

We woke up sooooo early to get to the airplane to take us to Amsterdam. We got some "breakfast" at the airport before we left, and we were all practically falling asleep on our toast.
But, we finally made it and found our hostel which was conveniently located near the IAmsterdam sign and the Van Gogh Museum!  

Then we explored the city a bit.  I was impressed. Amsterdam was so pretty with canals, cute buildings, bicycles everywhere, a tram that ran throughout the city… It was fun to explore all the ...different and interesting things Amsterdam had to offer.

Tram tracks!

That night we decided to go explore Leidseplein Square (which was just a stop away from our hostel on the tram.
We got some Mexican food for dinner which was only okay.  Every time I attempted to have Mexican food in Europe (which wasn’t often), I was not impressed. I missed Southern California (or even Central/Northern California for that matter) and how good their Mexican food is.
After that we explored the pubs a little…Jill and Allison got Heineken beers..we played Egyptian Rascrew.  It was tons of fun, but we got asked to quiet down multiple times…but it was tough, that game is intense! Then we ended up at a club and danced there for awhile and then we headed back to the hostel.

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