Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleep and Warhorse. Day 27.

June 18th
We woke up way early at 4:30am to catch our taxi to take us to the airport.  Even though we had a great time in Spain, we were all excited to get home.  It was strange that London was home to us, but it most definitely was-it was our new and temporary home at least.  Once we got back, we rested until we had to meet for class at 2pm.  That class was tough because of the major lack of sleep I had had.  But! I was really excited because we were going to go see War Horse later!

I had heard so much about War Horse from friends, the Tony Awards, I had very high expectations.  The puppetry in this production most definitely exceeded my expectations, however, the actual plot and dialogue was very dull.  Also, our seats were pretty terrible.  There were many times throughout the play where we couldn’t see what was going on because our seats were too parallel to the stage.  I still enjoyed it overall.  The amazing puppetry made up for any disappointments I had in anything else.

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