Monday, August 22, 2011

London Photoshoot. Day 29.

July 20th

Just to warn you, this is another one of those long ones...but, luckily it's mostly filled with pictures. Soo..if you make it through this one...I'll give you a high five.
Today I woke up and took a shower.  When I got out of the shower, I noticed that my forehead was peeling from the tan I got in Spain.  It looked like I had some sort of disease.  So, I did something a bit impulsive.  I cut my bangs. Now, I’ve cut my bangs before, but usually they are much shorter than they were today.  My bangs were almost as long as the rest of my hair.  So it was kind of terrifying, but I did it, and it didn't turn out terrible! Hahah!
The plan for today was for Erin, Larissa, and me to swap cameras so that we could take candid/artsy pictures of each other throughout the day…coupled with two mini bottles of wine before class.

Being bears.


Sitting on Stanhope Mews South-one of the most beautiful streets in London :)

At a random second-hand bookstore :)

At the market...

Gallo Wine! Made me miss Modesto/Turlock area :)

Hiding behind a tree at Hyde Park!

Sooo many mini wines!

Class we kind of ridiculous today because we were all a still a bit drunk..and we were learning about the history surrounding Shakespeare’s Richard III because we were going to see that play later that night.
 Towards the end of class, we took a “field trip” to the Performing Arts section of the V&A Museum.  Since I had already been to the V&A Museum twice and went through absolutely every inch of the Performing Arts exhibit, this was not the most exciting for me.  But, it was alright.  After that, we had some time before we had to meet to go see Richard III, so we got some Chinese food.

 Then we all met up at South Kensington to go to The Old Vic theater to see Richard III starring Kevin Spacey!!! He's famous and stuff!!!
 This was a truly incredible experience.  We had the very best seats in the house: front row center.  The actors [including the famous Kevin Spacey] were literally spitting on us..but we did not mind.  This play may have been my favorite out of all the plays we saw--very surprisingly so!  With the giant history lesson from class, I did not expect to be able to follow or really enjoy it as much as I did!  I feel like the visual effects, the use of drums, and the actors abilities are what did it for me.   So much of the play was surprising ..the way it began, the way it was played out.. For example, it started without any warning. Just all of a sudden you’d hear the bang of a drum interrupting you in the middle of your conversation, and the curtains came up, and there was Richard III, just sitting there in the shadows.. contorted and strange.  I completely enjoyed this play and I am so so happy (and lucky) I got the opportunity to see it!
After the play, a couple of my friends went to the stage door to see some of the actors after the play and I really wanted to go! But I had to wake up at some ungodly hour (I think around 3am) to catch the flight to Amsterdam with Allison, Jill, and Marcus…..

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