Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Night In Spain. Day 26.

July 17th
Today we slept in a bit because of the super-late night we had before. Once we finally woke up, we wanted to find out how to go up to the Santa Barbara Castle so we began by just walking towards it. We found where the entrance would have been if the stairs were still functioning, but it was all blocked off with a fence. Then we wandered some more until we finally found the entrance to the elevator that apparently takes people up to the castle, but it was closed! We were pretty bummed but we decided to go and walk around on the beach for awhile.  We found a swing set and played on that.

After that, we got some dinner for our last night in Spain.  Then  we wanted to have gelato one last time (we had been having it about twice a day at this point…) and we also wanted to try churros because we had heard that they are different in Spain.  And, they definitely were different. At home, churros usually have sugar and cinnamon on them, but these ones didn’t, and you were supposed to dip them in chocolate.  It was good for sure, but different.
Then we walked along the harbor and had some drinks and lots of girl talk.  It was a fun last night in Spain.

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