Monday, July 25, 2011

Playa De San Juan y Hamburger Vending Machines-they do exist. Day 25.

June 16th

We found Playa De San Juan on this day.  The other beach we were at was georgeous, but it was nothing compared to this beach. It was so pretty and there was A LOT less trash in the ocean which is always a plus when swimming in the ocean.

After beach-ing it up, we went back to the hostel. Then

 Now, I should mention that at this point, my feet were getting gradually destroyed day by day by these jerks:

I call them the danger shoes.  These shoes have damaged my feet more than any shoes have damaged my feet ever before. I blame my mom’s travel agent. She said you shouldn’t travel and wear flip flops at the same time. However, she did not know that I was going to travel to Spain and basically live on the beach, so I’ll let it go for now.  Since my feet were breaking, I bought croccs. They were really cute with my pretty dress. Lol.

Anyway, since my feet were extremely damaged, I needed band-aids. So, Jill and I went searching for some up on the rooftop.  Once we got there, we met a group of guys from Switzerland.. It was fun hanging out and learning about the different culture. 

After hanging out on the roof, we all headed out to the bars/clubs. Eventually, we ditched the Switzerland men, and kind of made our way back home…but not before making a stop at a vending machine.  
 Not just any vending machine though. 
A vending machine that had.......


It was the most strange thing I had EVER seen!
After that, instead of going home, we made our way to the beach to see it at “nighttime.”  We hung out there and eventually, the sun rose. It was so so georgeous.

We finally ended up getting back to the hostel at around 7am and we slept so good.

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