Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Day with my mom! Day 11.

July 2
I woke up early this morning to search for a place where I could use wi-fi because I hadn’t had stable wi-fi for days. I finally found an adorable café and skyped a bit with the boyfriend :)
After that, my mom met up with me for breakfast!! We had a nice and relaxing time full of chatting. The only downside was that I was really, really tired. I decided that I just wanted to spend the whole day with my mom so we started to figure out a tentative plan for the day.
First we went by my room so I could show it to her and then we went to the tube. She helped me understand the tube and I am forever grateful. It made so much sense when I was able to have it explained to me without having to be in such a rush.
We finally decided to go to the Convent Garden Market for the day!

Once we got there, I was really hungry and therefore a bit cranky and all I wanted was to have some food. Unfortunately we could not find food anywhere, but we definitely managed to find PLENTY of people. I was beginning to get super irritated and needed food ASAP. We finally got food at a little Italian restaurant and I was happy again.
We walked around the little shops and there were all kinds of unique things!

There were also street performers everywhere! It was really cool!! There was a guy walking around on a ladder..

There was some guy balancing a bicycle on his head!! Musicians everywhere..it was just such a great place!
I also managed to stop by a touristy store to get some souvenirs for the friends and the family! Yay!!
The only thing I didn’t like was how many people were there! I honestly just think it was cause we were there on a weekend..but I still had a great time!
We also got yummy ice cream!!
We started walking towards the street that has all the discounted tickets (Lester Square..?), but it started to just get crazy crowded that we wanted to get home before it got insane.
We got back to Baker Street and had some PizzaExpress dessert! And I got to have wi-fi again!
I had such a great time with my mom, I'm so lucky that we are such good friends.

Mom's pretty latte :)

We hung out there for awhile, and then Mom left cause she wanted to try to get home before dark. I felt like staying there to work on the blog and get some pictures up on facebook. It was nice and relaxing. I ended up moving to a small corner in the restaurant out of the way of everyone and everything. I put my headphones in, and zoned out to the computer. I hadn’t done that in quite a long time! I also ordered a hot chocolate with Bailey’s in it so I wouldn’t feel like I was a wi-fi moocher.
After getting to talk to the boyfriend again (twice in one day!!!) I decided to head home. It was pretty late at that point, and we didn’t live in the best area..so I was sort of scared walking the short walk home, but I made it with no problem :)
Once I got home I packed because the next day was moving day!! Finally time to move into permanent housing!! I was way excited.

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