Monday, July 25, 2011

Off to Alicante, Spain! Day 23.

June 14th

Today was the day that Jill, Allison, and I left for Spain!!
After a successful plane journey, we arrived in Alicante, Spain.  It was beautiful.  It was such a contrast from the gloomy weather in London. 

First, we tried our best to find our hostel, but we were not completely successful at first.  The paper from our hostel said that we could take one bus that would basically take us directly there, but that wasn’t the case because when the bus driver yelled at us in Spanish that it was the last stop we had no clue where to go.  We wandered around, tried to find another bus…Allison and I tried to ask people for directions with our limited Spanish. Somehow we got pretty close to where we had to be, but we were still lost.  We managed to ask a man walking by if he knew where the hostel was.. We mostly just pointed at the paper with the name of the hostel on it and said "donde?"..haha. BUT he led us there! We were so happy to have finally made it!
After settling in, we left for the beach.  We laid out, played in the perfect-temperature ocean, drank sangria and just relaxed.

 After the beach we found a cute restaurant and tried paella. I got vegetable paella and it was soo good.  Allison and Jill got regular paella and the craw fish stared at them..haha! :)

 As we were looking for ice, we discovered the rooftop patio and that determined that we were at the beest hostel ever.  This place had the most amazing view of the castle!

We hung out up there for a while before venturing out to explore the nightlife in Spain.  After getting some gelato, we were ready to go!

 It was a fun night full of dancing and things, and by the end of the night we stumbled into a KFC.  Then, we easily found our way home and went right to sleep.

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