Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shakespeare's Globe!!! Day 9.

June 30th

Today was the first day I was able to sleep in! I slept in till about 11am with only a few disturbances.. the first disturbance was the fire alarm going off. Fortunately, it did not go off for too long, and I did not even attempt to get out of bed.  The next disturbance was when the maid came in and asked us if we wanted her to clean our room..I didn’t even answer her, I let Larissa take care of!

After we were ready to go, we went to get some Starbucks! Yum!  Then we just came back to the room and relaxed while I worked on this blog !

We got on the tube to go and meet up with everyone to go to Shakespeare’s Globe to see All’s Well that Ends Well!!  We got lost on the tube once again, but fortunately we left with a lot of time to spare.

To get to the globe, we got to walk across the Millennium Bridge! It was a beautiful walk!

Once we got there we waited for awhile for our tour guide for the Rose Theater to arrive. 
The tour of The Rose Theater (or what’s left of it) was very interesting..I loved learning about the history of the theater.  We even got to see the remains of it..there wasn’t too much to see, and it was dark and under water, but I was still very impressed.
After the tour, the tour guide took those of us who were interested to see the actual location of the original Globe Theater! That was so cool to see!
I guess the flats that are built there now are listed and that’s why they can’t build any sort of memorial there other than the plaque on the ground…
We had some time before the show started, so Jill, Allison, and I explored the gift shop and I bought a super cool poster that looks like this:
Then we got some dinner at The Anchor!
Jill and I split a pitcher of Pimms. I had never had it before, but apparently it’s very popular.  After tasting it, I can definitely see why!  I also had some soup, but I still don’t know what kind it was…some sort of spicy thing..I enjoyed it!
After dinner we walked to the Globe to see the show.  I had an absolutely incredible time.. we were down in the area where the peasants would stand during the show—so we obviously had to stand the whole time but I didn’t mind at all. 
I took these pictures before I realized we weren't allowed to take pictures...oops!
The show was fantastic! It was funny, and so entertaining.  Everything about it was so authentic and Shakespearean (obviously).  This is an experience that I’ll remember forever.  Seeing any type of theater always reinforces how much I’m in love with it. I can't wait to see more while I'm here!!
We walked back to the tube after the show and went home for the night. Overall, it was a great day!!


  1. So I completely forgot about this blog. Then I remembered and read all of it just now! Just wanted to say hello and I'm loving the blog so far. Stop getting lost/into sketchy situations though! It's scary!

  2. Hello!!
    Aww.. Thanks, Steve-o!! I'm so so excited you read it all! It's been taking me forever to get all caught up!!

    And, yes! I agree, I am doing my best to be safer! lol! :)

    There's more coming soon!!!