Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moving Day. Day 12.

July 3rd.

We moved. It sucked.
Remember that HUGE pile of books I have?

Well, I had to carry those plus my giant-ass bags. Also, the weather was hot and I was wearing a sweatshirt of course.

I unpacked. It rocked.
It is SO wonderful to finally have a home. Although, we were pretty spoiled at the other place..they would bring us clean towels every day, take out our trash..we only had to share the bathroom with our roommates..etc, etc..

We had dinner. It was cute and open for 24 hrs.  
We went to Vingt-Quatre-which apparently means 24 in French.
Walked home, which looks like this:
And then talked to the boyfriend, and worked on the blog, and then came sleep. 

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