Sunday, July 3, 2011

Departure from Scotland & Back to London. Day 5.

June 26th

I did not sleep much by the beginning of this day.  I got to bed at around 5am, and then I woke up at around 7am to go to the wi-fi lobby one last time to talk to the boyfriend <3 I updated him a bit on my life.
After that we all walked to the train station.

We got on our train for London and it was definitely a big step down from first class, but it most definitely wasn’t the worst! 

We finally arrived back in London after another super long 4 ½ hour train ride!  We got our big suitcases and began the extremely long walk with them.  It sucked because all of a sudden the sun was like, “Hey guys! I love being outside!”  We finally got to the tube and went to Bakers Street where our first housing is located. We were staying at the University of Westminster in Marylebone Hall till Sunday.  It isn’t the very best location because when we walk around the area it doesn’t feel like we’re in London.  It definitely feels like we’re in New York.
Anyway, we got settled in our new housing and I was assigned to live with Larissa again which is good news because she’s one of the awesome friends I’ve made so far!  The dorm room is nice! It’s very big because it’s a handicapped dorm-which I’m used to because I lived in a handicapped room all last year! The room is equipped with two twin beds, two desks and chairs, BIG windows with a semi-nice view, and LOTS of outlets. I tried to get my internet to work, but it wouldn’t work!!!

I went to the front desk, but they were extremely unhelpful.  I called the internet company, and a man with a giant accent answered.  He wasn’t helpful at all, and I had to keep asking him to repeat everything he said and he was obviously frustrated about that.  After the harder-than-it-should-have-been process of getting my address, he told me that they’d have somebody come out to fix it within 3-5 business days. That sucked because by that point, I was gone.

Once I gave up on trying to get the Internet, we got ready to go out for some food.  I hadn’t eaten all day other than a couple pineapple pieces so I was way hungry.
We walked to an adorable Italian restaurant.

Erin and me!

I had a margarita pizza with no cheese as per usual here in Europe. It was tasty!!! Next we walked back to our rooms and I tried the Internet again with zero luck and went to sleep!  


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