Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Oxford! Day 14.

Allison, Jill, and I woke up so early today to get to our bus tour going to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Oxford.
The first place we went to was Windsor Castle!

 While we were there, we got to see the changing of the guards!  This was so amazing an entertaining to me! I had no idea what to expect, but it was so authentic and there was music…Super exciting.   

After that, we walked around the castle a bit.. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures :(  But it was definitely beautiful in there.  Massive rooms filled with massive carpets, and paintings, and armory..   

After taking a picture with the guard......

....we had to hurry back to make it to the bus on time..I don’t feel like we had enough time there, or anywhere for that matter..but luckily we made it on time!
When we got on the bus I was planning on doing some reading for class, but as I tried to, I totally fell asleep.  I seem to have so much trouble staying awake on public transportation…
After some time, we made it to Stonehenge.  It was beautiful. And rainy. I was so glad I remembered my umbrella!  We hurried out of the bus and did our best to figure out how to get in to walk around Stonehenge, but we couldn’t figure it out, after asking somebody we discovered that apparently we had to go through a tunnel to get there..haha! That was strange.  Then we finally made was so surreal to be there!


It is so so gorgeous.

See that bird? I was jealous of him..I'd love to get a picture sitting on one of the rocks!!!


Look! It's a face!!!!

We only got to stay at Stonehenge for awhile so we got some souvenirs and got back on the bus!  Our next stop was Oxford!  Oxford is a beautiful city, but it was cold.  As we were on the walking tour, we ran into a gift shop to buy a sweatshirt for Allison because she was wearing short sleeves in the almost-raining weather.  So we did that and totally caught up with the tour before we lost them! We’re pros at speed walking! Haha!  We learned a little bit of history about the city and the University.   

 We had so little time in Oxford that basically all we did while we were there (other than the half hour walking tour) was shop. 

But that was okay because I was able to get presents for people!!
We got on the bus and found a place to get food.  I forgot the name of the place we went, but I believe it was Italian food.  I got soup and it was yummy.  We also found out that our server was apparently Brad Pitt’s stunt double in Troy!! There was a picture of it on the wall in the restaurant!! It was so cool! It was even cooler that he gave us all free chocolate muffins! Best day ever! :)
After din din, we walked back home and Jill and I decided we wanted to go on a movie date. Now, a couple days ago I thought it would be silly to go to the movies while in London, and you may be thinking that too…BUT before you judge, you must know that it was cold and rainy, and we had done all kinds of walking that day, and Bad Teacher looked way cute. SO we relaxed for about a half hour then Jill came over to my room so we could go.  That’s when we realized we were totally matching. 

We made it to the movies and got our tickets and then it was like a maze to get to the actual theater.  I can’t even tell you how many doors we had to go through! It was crazy! But we eventually found it and all was well.  The movie was so cute and corny and funny.  Exactly what we were hoping for :)

After the movie we walked around the corner to get home and we made it there very safely :)
Then I got to sleep!! Yay!


  1. You're to coolest! I felt sorry for that guard because he must have tons of pretty girls "kissing" him all the time and all he can do is stand there. Actually, maybe I should do that because then I'd be getting more action than I am now... lol. So glad you're having so much fun!! Great Blog!!