Monday, July 25, 2011

First Blog Update in Weeks!!

I am catching up on my blog instead of writing my paper that is due on Wednesday. 

I am the most responsible person I know..

June 11th  Day 20

Today Allison, Jill, and I were going to print out our things for Spain and Amsterdam, but we had lunch instead.
We met up with everybody at S. Kensington Station to get to the National Theater for our backstage tour. The tour was really cool and interesting. We got to go inside 2 out of the 3 theaters.  We also went backstage and saw the prop room. We learned lots of history about the theater as well.
After the tour we were free to go, and when we got outside Riamba, a Spanish band was playing. 

Erin and I stayed and listened to them for awhile.  It was such a fun and upbeat band and there were a few people dancing. 

I wish I had danced.

Next we walked over to the Westminster Abbey to get some pictures with it

Then we wanted to go to Trafalgar Square, but we didn’t know how to get there so we just wandered.  Of course, without even trying we ended up at Trafalgar Square.  We tend to do things like that every now and then.

After that, we went home.

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