Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Day of Classes, Lots of Textbooks, Minor Homesickness, and Plans for Travel! Day 7.

June 28th
Today was the first day of classes!! Yay! We woke up early to be sure to get to class on time (9am).
We maneuvered the tube to get to school and once again I had no idea what or why we were doing the things we were doing. I feel like I understand it, and then we go up some stairs and around some corner and I have no clue what’s going on once again. It’s frustrating, because I want to understand and not have to rely on other people..but that’s not working for me yet :/ Oh well. We made it! I’m just very similar to a sheep, which isn’t the worst thing.
Once we got to Imperial, we went to the café across the street and I got coffee and a banana.
Then we had class. I really did enjoy the class. We analyzed slides of various types of art for a pretty long time, and then the professor went over the syllabus. That’s when I realized just how time consuming this class was going to be.. the syllabus explained how we would have a big research paper, a 5 minute presentation, and a number of other things. I was concerned because I have never taking an “art history” type of class before and knew it wouldn’t be’s not that I want to learn nothing while I’m here, I just don’t want it to consume all of my time. Plus, the class met on Fridays and I was planning on traveling during the weekends. And, I’m not the only one who feels this way (lol).
After lots of class, we had a quick break before heading to the Royal College of Art’s end-of-the-year gallery. This place was incredible and was making me debate whether or not I should stay in the class..but in the end, the pros of dropping outweighed the cons. But I just really enjoyed the abstract art and interesting sculptures and crazy ideas these people had. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos.. I can try to remember some of my favorites though.. There was a piece that was the type of art you can walk into and experience—there’s a technical term for it, but I’ve forgotten it. But anyway, it was like a model of a sorority house after a huge party. There was all kinds of trashy trash all over the place and broken walls and pieces of furniture, and beer cans all over…etc. It was really really cool and extremely detailed. There was another piece that basically was a big tub that was filled with red water/oil(?) and it was a machine that would dip a rack of damp red boxers in and out of the water or oil. I don’t think that makes sence. It’s really hard to describe this type of thing. Another thing I really enjoyed was that there were students walking around the gallery that would have random bursts of sentences like “learning is power”…ect. I couldn’t understand why they were having sentence Tourette's, but our teacher explained that they were portraying the art of expression. I genuinely loved that. It was a great experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to going to the other galleries and museums while I’m here.
After class we got back to the college for the Library orientation. This was not the most exciting task. I don’t feel like I learned much out of it. After that, it rained for the first time since we got here! Not too hard, but enough to want an umbrella which I carry with me always!

After that we walked to our future housing to try to pick up our textbooks and Erin’s suitcase again. The place was open this time! But it was kind of terrible because I was stupid earlier and ordered two sets of my textbooks.
Here’s what happened… I ordered my textbooks on Amazon and didn’t really pay attention to when they’d arrive in London. After looking more into it I realized that they wouldn’t make it in time for my classes to start and they were making a really big deal about how they had to be there on time. So, I ended up ordering them again on Amazon UK so that they’d arrive on time. I should have just done that in the first place, but I just didn’t think of it… So now I’m stuck with 2 sets of books for 2 classes when I’m only taking 1 of them…
So I had to carry all of these books (plus a couple more that friends bought from me) all the way back to our other housing:


We finally made it back to the room.
At this point, I was feeling extremely stressed and in pain from the textbook situation. Also, my roommate wasn’t home so I was really bored and starting to feel lonely.
I tried to get online again, but it wouldn’t work. Then the wi-fi thing I paid for the other day popped up again and for some unknown reason I decided to buy it AGAIN. I bought ANOTHER 24 hours. This was the worst idea ever. This time, I only had internet for like, less than 5 minutes. This combined with all the unneeded textbooks I had, combined with a hint of home-sick-ness and extreme lack of sleep I’ve had lately made me so upset that I actually started to cry L
I regret to say I had a mini pitty party.
I finally got a hold of my mom. I told her my troubles, and she told me to go to sleep.
I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. I finally told Erin that I had to get out of my room. After that, I began to feel a lot better gradually. We decided to get some food. We walked all over our neighborhood for a lot time, but we were having so much trouble finding food that sounded good/was cheap.
We finally decided that we’d be down for having pizza even though we have had that so often lately. At least there’s a reason we’ve been having it so much lately, it’s really really good!!
We walked back home, and followed our noses into the kitchen. Some of the girls had cooked pasta and garlic bread and it smelled soo good. We hung out and talked with them for awhile, and Eden offered to buy my extra theater books!
Next we went back to our room and hung out there for awhile. I worked on writing post cards which was fun and productive! Then, I got a call from Allison to start making our traveling plans!!
I relocated to Jill and Allison’s room and we worked on buy plane tickets to Spain and Amsterdam! We also booked our hostels for those places. Next we planned days when we could go to Paris, Stonehenge, Oxford and Windor!! I am so so so excited about our future adventures!

After all the relaxing time with Larissa and Erin, and the fun planning with Allison and Jill, I was definitely feeling much better than I was earlier that day :)

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