Monday, July 25, 2011

More Beach & First Pub-Crawl Ever! Day 24.

June 15th
The next morning we were woken up by a knock on our door and a man saying, “Housekeeping.”  We were all very sad to hear this, because that meant we probably had to get out of our comfy beds.  But, it turned out it was just our friend Chris and Autum! After catching up a bit with them we all headed out to the beach again!!

After the beach we explored the harbor area.

When we got home, we took advantage of the free paella being offered on the rooftop of our hostel and we also got a bunch of the 2-euro pitchers of sangria. We ate, drank, and had a great time.

A girl came up to us and asked if we wanted to go to the pub crawl later that night and we decided that would be lots of fun, aaaand it was!

At the first bar, we got free lollipops and glow-in-the-dark shot glasses! ...except just the lollipops were free, the glow-in-the-dark shot glass may have fallen into my purse.


Jill made us "I have a boyfriend ...bitch" stickers to fight off the men.

Our whole group from London :)
I had never been to a pub-crawl before, but it was tons of fun! And luckily we were able to meet up with the rest of our group of friends that came to Spain too! It was a fun night!

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