Sunday, July 3, 2011

Imperial College London Orientation. Day 6.

June 27th

We woke up early in the morning for orientation at Imperial College London.

We got packets with all the guidelines and rules of the program. The packets also included many brochures on London to help us in planning trips and tours. Next, the professors gave an overview of each of their classes. After that we had a little coffee break and walked to PizzaExpress to have lunch-we go there as a group a lot.

After lunch we walked to the bus to take us to a bus tour of London. This took a long time and involved a lot of bus changes, but we finally got there.

The bus tour was fun, it took us awhile to get the hang of taking pictures that didn’t involve trees or heads blocking what we were trying to take a picture of. The tour guide was pretty hilarious, and very informal, but informational. Everything seemed to go by so fast, but I did manage to get some decent pictures!

Trafalgar Square

The London Eye!


Big Ben!!!!

Two of my favorite things in London!

This dragon supposedly protects London...

The Tower Bridge

The tour ended at the Tower of London where we all got some yummy ice cream! Then we got on a boat that would take us down the river (Thames..I think) and we got lots of awesome views of Big Ben and the London Eye.

(Please excuse the extreme random-ness of my layout of the pictures...Blogspot is hard).

After the boat, we went inside the tube station to “top up” our oyster cards. That was a lot easier than I thought it’d be because it involved technology and my internet is still not working. Ever. I hate it.
Anyway, after that we went to Imperial Housing (which is our permanent housing) to get the textbooks that had been sent there and Erin’s luggage that was lost by the airport. Poor girl has been living out of a teeny tiny suitcase for a long long time and was extremely excited to finally get the rest of her stuff. But when we got there, the front office was closed! It was so sad. On the plus side, we got to see what the outside of our housing looks like, and it is cuuuuute. Very pumped to get to live there soon (I live there now!). As we were walking back to the tube, Ellie pointed out this very slik-looking building that was all black. She told us that was an extremely upscale hotel that is so fancy that they don’t even display their name all big. The name of the hotel is Blake’s and that made me miss my brother. She went on to tell us that apparently Jonny Depp stays there a lot!! How cool is that? The hotel is like right by our housing!

After walking us a part of the way back to the tube, Ellie left us to find our way back home on the tube by ourselves for the first time! Aaaaand we made it! Not with my help though, I had no clue where we were going…I still don’t :/ (now I do!)
After we got home, I did a stupid thing and bought this internet service thing called BTO-something.. So I basically spent 5 pounds for 24 hours. BUT I did NOT get 24 hours! I maaaybe got like, 2 hours. But probably less. So that was extremely frustrating because I was so excited to have internet for the time I did. It was just a tease.

So, I called my mom so we could get together for some coffee or something because she had just gotten into London earlier that day and I was in great need to see her because I missed her a lot already—which is strange because I’ve gone much, much longer without seeing her. Must be the large distance..

Mom got a taxi to come to where I was and we walked around looking specifically for a internet cafĂ©, but we had no luck so we decied to just go to PizzaExpress where they have free wi-fi. Mom got wine and I got apple juice. We had to get dessert because apparently they wouldn’t serve alcohol without food. There wasn’t much of a protest there :)

We talked and caught up and I showed her my pictures till PizzaExpress closed, and then we relocated to the outside of my housing.

Then somewhere between midnight-thirty and 1, a group of my friends came home very intoxicated from the pubs. That was very entertaining, they were all so excited to meet my mom and wanted to give her hugs and buy her! Fun times.

Mom left at around 1:30ish maybe..and I went to bed and tried internet one last time, but it didn’t work because it never ever works.

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